Monday, August 28, 2017

Good Food & Good Mood - VELLARIKKA PULISSERY ( Kerala dish )

Why Food?

When I started this blog 8 years ago, never in the wildest of my dreams I thought I would include a page for 'Food'.

Why? Because all my life, I had seen nothing but women slogging away in their kitchens. Their lives were confined to those four walls, completely unaware of the world outside.  And I never wanted to end up there. Hence, I shunned that little corner of my house, vehemently.

Years after, when I was tired of eating outside food, I decided to cook.

Even then, I never thought of making any elaborate dishes. While working as a journalist, I had just one holiday. Half of the day, I would spend sleeping and then I would make something very easy with few ingredients to satiate my hunger. I could always order something if it had gone wrong.

Then I shifted to Bangalore. Unlike the hectic journalism days, I had ample free time in my hands. Besides, a sudden shift in the place started upsetting my bowels.  And I was left with just one option - cook my own food.

To start with, I had limited utensils. Besides, I used the induction stove. And also I did not have the COCONUT GRATER.

Did you hear Coconut Grater? Yes!  You heard it, right.

I will elaborate.

Don't think about making yummy Kerala food without coconut and coconut oil, hence, a coconut grater is a prerequisite.

When I started learning the art of cooking and indulging in it, that little corner which scared me as a symbol of enslavement suddenly turned out to be a symbol of liberation. Cooking has started giving that liberated feeling. 

Last month, when I went to my home in Kerala, I decided to try some dishes. I was so overwhelmed to find that my brother asked my mother to learn the recipes of all those dishes I made for him. I realised there's happiness in cooking food and serving people.  The appreciation felt good same as I used to feel when I get accolades for my story or my writing.

You would not find here dishes which required elaborate cooking. That's why I am calling my Kitchen ' A BACHELOR GIRL'S KITCHEN '. It will have some KERALA DISHES  which you can prepare easily if you are a single woman with a kitchen with limited resources.

Why Kerala dishes?

Because I am a Keralite
{A Nazrani Malayali Kochu (dear) from India}

So Let's start with


I am taking the quantity suited for a single person.
Main ingredients
1. Yellow Cucumber - (small - Peel it and scoop out  and discard the inner juicy flesh and cut the hard flesh into small pieces - not too small) - (You can also use ASH GOURD instead of Yellow Cucumber)
2. Sour Curd - One small packet
3. Coconut - one-half (grate it)
4. Coconut oil - 2 tablespoon
5. Curry leaves - a few
6. Dry Red Chillies  - 3
7. Green chillies - 3
8. Cumin Seeds  - 2 teaspoon
9. Mustard Seeds - 2 teaspoon
10. Turmeric Powder - 2 teaspoon

How to make it

Put the chopped Yellow cucumber, 2 green chillies ( sliced as two strips ) and 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and salt ( required ) in a pressure cooker in water which should be enough to cover the vegetable pieces. Three whistles are enough. ( If you don't have a cooker, you can just boil it in a small pan after covering it with a lid)

Grind the grated coconut, cumin seeds and one green chilly in a Mixer to make a smooth paste. Pour it in the utensil (Pressure cooker/pan) and allow it to boil for some time. Check the salt and add accordingly if there's less salt.

Take another pan and pour 2 tablespoon coconut oil. When the oil is hot, splutter 2 teaspoon mustard seeds. (The mustard seeds used in the Kerala dishes are a bit bigger than the mustard seeds used by others). Put three dry red chillies, curry leaves and one teaspoon turmeric powder. Once the raw smell is gone, put it in the pan which contains the boiled vegetables cooked in the grated coconut mix.

Your Vellarikka Puliserry is ready.

Please note: I am using the induction stove to prepare food.


KParthasarathi said...

Coconut grater has gone extinct except in unelectrified villages. The mixie has taken over.
Pulissery has come out well as seen from picture but why call puli sserry when no puli or imli is present?
Simple recipe but delicious outcome!

Shalet Jimmy said...

GP (KP) is because sour is also called "Puli" in Malayalam. What we are using here is sour curd. If we use the usual curd which is not ' Pulissery' will not be tasty...

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Hello Shalet,

This is my first visit to your blog and I totally feel your sentiments about cooking. And no, I don't own a coconut grater yet.

Also, I have been thinking of adding a food page to my blog (I am a Bengali + Gujarati from Mumbai married to a Punjabi from Delhi). I love the recipe and will try it soon :) Great stuff!

Urvashi said...

Wow! This looks yummy. Must be real fun to eat with Kerala rice. I am a big fan of coconut grate curries. Waiting for more of such yummy dish ideas.

KParthasarathi said...

Agreed.Have asked my daughter to make this for me!

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

never tried preparations with coconut oil, mustard oil is common in bengal, will try this one.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Urvashy for stopping by...You are is so tasty when it is served with Kerala Brown rice and that too served in a typical Kerala style.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Nikita for stopping by..

That's a wonderful combination...Bengali, Gujrati, Punjabi and Maharashtrian. You can be a treasure trove.

Shalet Jimmy said...

GP..It is said that in the past Malayalis hardly used dhal for they knew that it would cause gas trouble. So Pulissery was a must ...Tell me after you taste it.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Jyotirmoy...Thanks for stopping by...I love Bong food. I was a frequent visitor to a Bengali restaurant here in Bangalore.. Please try it..You will love it.

Parvathy Nambidi said...

Looks yummy! We call this curry morozhichu koottan in our area.

Parvathy Nambidi said...

Looks yummy Shalet! We call this morozhichu koottan in our place. Add more items like your rock star muthira mezhukkupuratti in the blog!!

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Parvathy...I will try to do that...

Chandrika Shubham said...

Thanks for sharing Vellarikka Puliserry recipe. Looks yummy. I love South Indian food. I will try it, cooking as well as tasting it! :)

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Chandrika for stopping by. I will come with more South Indian food, I promise...