Friday, September 1, 2017

How to make Noodles with an ' Indian ' touch?

Today, I took a break from my routine work as I was not feeling well. I did not even feel like having food. Since I was taking medicine, I should eat something, right... Hence, I managed a breakfast of raw papaya and milk.

A few hours after, I started feeling hungry. At the same time, I was not in a mood to order food. So I thought of some quickfix but it shouldn't look like a quickfix too.

That remined me of how my mom used to cook Maggi noodles. Thankfully,  instead of Maggie, I had a packet of Yippe noodles... Thought I would try the way she used to cook it with an Indian touch.

Most of you might be aware of this method . Still, I want to share it here as it came out yummy.


1 packet Yippie noodles ( Masala flavour) ( any flavour will do )
1 Onion chopped
1 Green chilli  ( according to its size )
Coconut oil - 1 tablespoon
1 small carrot
4 French beans
salt - a pinch
Garam Masala - half teaspoon ( or according to your taste )

How to make it?

Add 1 teaspoon coconut oil to a pan . Once the oil gets head add the chopped onion and saut it for a while. Then add Green Chilli sliced into 4 pieces ( I haved added only 1 green chilli as it was a bit big.) Saut it for a while.

Then add Carrot  and French beans sliced into small pieces. (You can add soaked Green peas too. But I have not added it here). Add a pinch of salt ( according to your taste ) Saut it for a while.

When the vegatables are cooked, add the masala that you get along with the noodles packet. Then add half teaspoon of ' Garam Masala'. Saut it for a while..Taste it and if you think it is less salty, add it as required.

Then pour water so that the vegetables are immersed in it. Boil it and then add noodles. Cook it until the water is absorbed completely and get it dry.

Your noodles with an 'Indian' touch is ready. I would say this recipie has a slight inclination towards Kerala as I have used coconut oil and garam masala.

Hope, you will like it.


KParthasarathi said...

Simple, quickly made, tasty and wholesome food. Don't you add onion and tomatoes?

Shalet Jimmy said...

I have already mentioned onion. Saut chopped onion in the coconut oil. That's how I began.

You can add tomatoes if you like. I preferred not adding it.

Shadow said...

That sounds perfectly delightful, come next snacktime..... *grin*

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Shadow...

Haddock said...

Was never a fan of noodles, but must try out this one.

Shalet Jimmy said...

I am also not a big noodles fan..But this preparation is yummy...You should try it, Haddock