Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Irresponsible Journalism at its zenith

Ullal ( Bangalore, India )

On September 12, at 6.30 pm, Sharat a 19-year-old boy left his house at Ullal to meet his friends. Unfortunately, he never returned. When his parents failed to trace his whereabouts, they decided to seek the help of the police.

 After two days, they received a whatsapp video. It was of Sharat and he told them through the video that he had been abducted and appealed to his parents to save him by paying a ransom amount of Rs 50 lakh. He was so frightened and told them that they would kill him if his parents did not act fast.

I read this news from an online portal and became greatly concerned about the way they have reported the news.

It says “Kidnappers Demand Rs 50 Lakhs To Free Bengaluru Teenager, Cops Suspect He's Faking Abduction.”

  • What would be the fate of the boy if the abductors happen to see this news? They could easily make out that Sharat’s parents had sought the help of the police. Will they spare his life after that?
  • Secondly, the prejudiced remark of the Police that he is faking an abduction. If they have made such a remark, then it is irresponsible and highly deplorable. They failed to realise the gravity of the situation.
  • Without even a second thought, the media have chosen to report the callous remark made by the Police and have underplayed the intensity of the situation by reporting that the boy is faking an abduction. They have also quoted another newspaper to substantiate it – another paper sans discretion.

Was the media unaware of the backlash such an irresponsible reporting could cause or were they just shutting their eyes to it?

For a moment, I wished that he was faking it. Alas! It was not.

Three days after, Sharat’s body was found floating in Narasimiah lake ( at Bangalore). He was strangled with a Nylon rope. The abductors were nobody but his friend and his henchmen.
Of course, the abductors could have known through several sources whether Sharath’s parents approached the police or not. But my point was that the media could have refrained from such reporting, especially when it has got something to do with the life of someone.

The pen is definitely mightier than the sword, but there are times, it also should know what restraint is.

This link will show how they reported it Kidnappers Demand Rs 50 Lakhs To Free Bengaluru Teenager, Cops Suspect He's Faking Abduction

 - Shalet Jimmy


Chatty Crone said...

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Shalet Jimmy said...

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Rajagopalan said...

If Media keeps quiet on abductions, do you think situation will improve in our society? I feel it will have negative impact.

Shalet Jimmy said...

I am a journalist myself. Reporting an abduction should not be in such a way that it should help the abductors to harm the victim.

This above mentioned reporting has divulged such details...

That's not journalism. That's help the people.

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